Introducing the most technology based fraudulent companies of the world ''Premium Technologies''. The company is full of scammers sitting in Pakistan but operating business in developed nations like USA and UK. One and only objective of this company is to snatch your money illegally.

If you think you are going to get any services, you are absolutely wrong.

Premium Technologies will screw you up someday soon.


Avoid this company for your own good. Please share this news to your friends and family to prevent them from being trapped.

If you don't want to lose your money, avoid purchasing web solution and services from & This company is a group of frauds and scammers. Be aware of them.

This is the proof that I had an account with them, after they got the money they cancel my account, they become unavailable on skype, on email, on the website chat, on the phones, everywhere!!

And this is what is happened next...

The cut me from skype

These are the proof that I pay them, here one bill for 1,506usd for hosting services,

there is one more bill for 150usd that they never sent it


Payoneer ID:

Paypal ID:

Here is the first contact with them

Here is the proof that they are actually scamming from Pakistan,

they dont have offices in UK or USA or anywhere, they are in Pakistan


Pakistan SCAMMER name ''Ayaan Raza''

Running this scam site and

Office No.550-B,Street No.05,

Sector F11,Islamabad- 44000



This is his skype

They had published their addresses in the USA, UK and Estonia on their websites,

now since they realized that we are exposing them, they removed all their

street addresses from their 2 web pages, but here what we found of them:


For this job we thank ''sarahk'' on DigitalPoint forums for his help.

Here is the actual post:

In these moments there are users publishing their bad experiences in different hostings forums, we are contacting at this moment all of them to invite them here to talk about their experiences: